About Us

Comfortable Confidence.

Mi Nina Swimwear is a Sydney-based luxury swimwear and accessories label for gorgeous, confident girls.

The label is headed by owner/designer Natalie Mourched, a mum of 3 girls and 1 boy, passionate about fashion and style, with her kids being her biggest priority. 

With every summer comes the same routine drama about swimwear choices. Natalie wanted her girls (niñas) to be stylishly dressed, but found limited choices that supported her girls different body shapes and offered the sun safety to protect from Australia's harsh UV rays.

With the unintentional growing pressures of society, Mi Nina Swimwear’s goal is to empower all growing young girls, to feel comfortable and confident when they are in swimwear.

Mi Nina Swimwear is inspired by Natalie’s Lebanese and Spanish descent. The beautiful, bold selection of colours, textures and prints are all a tribute to her cultural upbringing.

Designed by Natalie in Sydney and manufactured in Bali, using various fabrics including durable and supportive ribbed fabrics and Repreve (a luxurious material made from recycled plastic) with digitally printing. We try to be as environmentally conscious as we can and continue to strive to improve our practices and remain aware of the impact we have on our environment whether it is employee working conditions or our packaging and delivery options. 

We hope to join you and your girls on a summer journey of all things comfortable and confident!